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Why Us

We are already working with most of India’s Best organisations. We work with the best. We partner with leading carriers and technology vendors around the world. We are successful. We have received numerous Rewards. We are one of the fastest growing companies in India.

We are here to help you. We succeed together

Can do

We are part of Background Verifications Services and a Pioneering group. We have been instrumental in steering the course of the Verifications sector in the last Couple of years as India has opened up. We have always been challenging convention, striving to do more, be the best. ‘Can do' is in our DNA. It is the secret of how we have grown so quickly. It is the Spirit in which we work with our clients.

On your side

SmartAxis and its people are committed to helping you succeed. Not just meeting today's communication challenges but preparing you for tomorrow. we won't force you down a particular path but bring in other specialist partners to give you what you need. We have your interests at heart. We are on your side.

By your side

Our people work in teams dedicated to each client. They are responsive and do what it takes to deliver. From handling regulatory issues to overcoming practical complexities, we know how business works here. And because time in India is measured in months not years, we move fast.

We are by your side at all times

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