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About Smart Axis

Smart Axis is country wide, one-stop pre employment screening firm created on the foundation of providing A-class customer service, cost-effective pricing and the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Smart Axis has developed a fully customizable and cost-effective background check solution for organizations ranging from small, local business owners to global Fortune 300 companies. By choosing Smart Axis for your pre employment screening needs, you can be confident you are working with the best in the industry.

Smart Axis's mission is to help our clients employ the best potential job applicants by providing rapid, correct and trouble-free-to-use background information in a straight line from appropriate sources. Our objective is to meet up the highest principles of client service throughout the employment screening practice.
Smart Axis provides quick, officially compliant screening services to help companies make rapid safe, well-informed judgments. Our services include pre-employment screening, background verification and healthcare drug test.

Why screening is necessary?

We advice that an employee should be screened properly in view of the fact that their past is your future.

  • The average cost of recruiting, employing and training an employee is over Rs.1, 20,000. An employee background check that includes an Address History, Criminal Record Search, Employment and Education Verification is between 1 and 2 percent of that cost.
  • Fairly accurate 8% of our Criminal Record checks reveal the candidate or employee has a criminal record.
  • Our pre employment screening shows that roughly 49% of all resumes contain false or misleading information.
  • Smart Axis average turnaround time for all background check and pre employment screening reports is approximately 7 days.
  • No matter what size your organization is, Smart Axis has an effective solution for your pre- employment screening and Background checks needs.

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